What happens if I no longer qualify for Health First Colorado or CHP+ coverage?

  • If you no longer qualify for Health First Colorado or CHP+, you have a limited amount of time to apply for other coverage. The time you have to apply for new coverage, known as a “special enrollment period,” varies depending on the coverage provider. 

Other health coverage options include:

    • Coverage through your employer- check with your employer to learn about options, rules and deadlines.
    • Coverage through a family member’s health insurance, such as a spouse, or parent if you are 25 or younger
    • Coverage through Connect for Health Colorado (Colorado’s official health insurance marketplace). You might qualify for financial assistance to reduce the cost of your premium.
    • Coverage through Medicare – for people age 65 or older or people under 65 with certain disabilities or end-stage renal disease. If you need assistance finding a plan, you can contact the Colorado State Health Insurance assistance Program (Colorado SHIP – a Medicare assistance program) at 888-696-7213.
    • Coverage for active or former military, naval, or air service through Tricare (active) or VA (veterans). 
  • If you no longer qualify because you missed the deadline to respond, you can reapply for Health First Colorado

Review Your Options. Stay Covered.

  • To get free help enrolling in Connect for Health Colorado coverage, reach out to a certified assister online or by calling 855-752-6749. TTY: 855-346-3432
  • To get free help filling out an application for Health First Colorado or CHP+ coverage, or to learn about other coverage options, contact a Certified Application Assistance Site.
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