Why do I have to sign my renewal packet? How do I sign my renewal packet?

A federal rule requires you or an authorized representative to sign your renewal packet.

There are several ways to do this:

Paper: Mail, fax, or bring the completed signature page and updated renewal form pages to your local county human services department.

Online: Complete and sign the renewal through PEAK at CO.gov/PEAK. If you return your renewal to an eligibility site without the signature page, you can upload the signed signature form on PEAK at CO.gov/PEAK.

Telephone: Call your local county human services department and ask the eligibility work to record your signature.

A member is allowed to sign with the letter “X” if the signature is witnessed by someone and that witness prints their name after the phrase “witnessed by.”


  • If you do not return the Renewal Form Signature Page by the deadline, you may lose your health care coverage.
  • You must return the Renewal Form Signature Page, even if you don’t have any changes.
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