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NEMT riders: Tell us about your complaint or feedback

NEMT riders: Tell us about your complaint or feedback Miembros que usan Transporte médico no urgente (NEMT): Díganos sobre su queja o comentario  

Co-pays eliminated for many services

As of July 1, 2023, Health First Colorado members will not have to pay co-pays for most services, except an $8 co-pay for each non-emergency emergency room visit. Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) members will continue to have co-pays. These services do not have co-pays: Inpatient hospital services Outpatient Hospital Services Optometrist Visits Podiatrist Visits […]

No annual benefit limit for adult dental care

As of July 1, 2023, adult Health First Colorado members seeking dental care will not have an annual benefit limit. Adult dental benefits used to be capped at $1,500 each year. What the adult dental benefit covers: Annual dental exams and cleanings Diagnostic and restorative dental services (such as x-rays and fillings) Extractions (tooth pulling) […]

Renewals: What You Need To Know

Health First Colorado and CHP+ Cover Members for 12 Months After Giving Birth

See the Expanded Maternity and Family Planning Benefits page.

Update Your Information

Have you moved in the past three years? Has your contact information changed? Don’t miss important updates – update your information today. Make sure Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program) and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) have your current phone number, email and mailing address. It’s important to make sure we can reach you when it’s time […]

Higher Education Information for Health First Colorado and CHP+ Members

Did you know Health First Colorado and CHP+ members may qualify to get their degree for free? Members can keep their coverage even if they receive grants, scholarships or work study placements. Money received for education does not count as income. Members can fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at […]

Need a Flu Shot?

Members looking for a flu shot should talk to their Primary Care Physician or see our Find a Doctor tool to search for nearby doctor. Be sure to confirm that the location accepts Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program).

Download the Free Health First Colorado App

Use the Health First Colorado mobile app and take control of your coverage! Make an account at, and then download the free Health First Colorado app.  Use the Health First Colorado app to:  See if your coverage is active Learn about your benefits Update your information Find providers View your member ID card Buy-In […]

Contact Your Provider If Your Child Is Due For Immunizations

Be a public health hero! Contact your provider if your child is due for immunizations. COVID-19 has disrupted and changed our normal routines, but preventative care is still a priority! Some of our members’ in-person newborn care and well-child visits were canceled. These children may need to catch up on immunizations. Doctors’ offices are changing […]