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Community-Based Organization (CBO) Ambassador Program

The Department is launching a Community-Based Organization (CBO) Ambassador Program to help improve the readability of letters and other program information for Spanish- and Vietnamese-speaking members. 


Member Experience Advisory Council (MEAC) members voiced their concern about the barriers to engagement for underserved members, especially those who primarily speak a language other than English and those with mixed citizenship status households. These members may not be comfortable coming to a government agency directly as a member of MEAC to share their experience. Through conversations with members and CBOs, we determined that the best approach to understand the needs of these communities would be to use a grassroots engagement model, working with trusted leaders and organizations where they live and work.

  • The overall goal of the Ambassador Program is to work with Health First Colorado members and people who might be eligible for services to improve the letters and other written information the Department uses to communicate with Coloradans about Health First Colorado. 
    • Based on statewide language access data, the Department has chosen to focus first on Spanish- and Vietnamese-speaking communities. This is an extension of the work we’ve been doing to improve member communications in English. 

What will CBOs do?

  • CBOs will help us identify Ambassadors from their communities who might be interested in this work. 
  • CBOs will also provide support in the form of meeting space or other logistical support. 

What will Ambassadors do?

  • Ambassadors are people who will help us understand the needs of the communities they live in. 
  • They will partner with community organizations that work with Health First Colorado members to help make program information easy to understand in their native languages and in ways that are culturally responsive. 
  • Ambassadors will be paid an hourly wage and get training and support from the Department.

Ambassadors will help Health First Colorado with: 

  • Leading interviews, focus groups, and listening sessions 
  • Getting feedback about the best ways to communicate with members and potential members
  • Sharing guidance for policies and programs
  • Providing important information to Health First Colorado members and potential members

We are still recruiting additional trusted community organizations to participate in the program. This could include hosting an Ambassador or providing information about potential Ambassadors in their community. 

Please contact Cesar Zatarain ( for more information about the program and how to participate.