About the Health First Colorado Name

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  • Are there any changes to member eligibility or benefits associated with the new name and look?

    There are no changes to member eligibility, coverage or enrollment processes associated with the new name and look for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program).

  • How were the Health First Colorado name and logo selected and who made this decision?

    The Department of Health Care Policy & Financing contracted with a third party facilitator to conduct focus groups in English and Spanish that included current and prospective members. The focus groups provided input on the name, logo and messaging associated with the new look and name. Additionally, health care leaders throughout the state and Department staff provided input via a survey. The final decision on the new name and logo was made by the Department leadership team.

  • How will the new name and logo relate to Connect for Health Colorado?

    Connect for Health Colorado is the state insurance marketplace, or exchange, that opened in 2013 to help Coloradans purchase health insurance. Connect for Health Colorado works with the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing to ensure Coloradans are getting enrolled in health coverage, but is otherwise an independent, non-profit organization. The Department is working closely with Connect for Health Colorado to update references to Medicaid on its website and printed information with the new name.

  • How will this change be funded?

    The Department received a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation that funded the development of the new name and logo, including the member focus groups and graphic design. In 2016, the Department received grants from the Colorado Health Foundation and Caring for Colorado to support the public launch, including an advertising campaign.

  • Is there a change in member costs associated with the new name?

    There are no changes to member costs associated with this change. Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) does not have an enrollment fee, but in some circumstances co-pays may be required. Health First Colorado members who are pregnant, living in a nursing facility or age 18 years or younger do not have to pay co-pays. For more information about member benefits, visit the Benefits and Services Overview.

  • Tell me more about the Health First Colorado name and logo.

    The name, Health First Colorado, reflects messages that the Department heard from members and eligible members in focus groups. The new logo is abstract and different people see different things when they look at it. The Department believes that it reflects a commitment to working collaboratively with partners and stakeholders and reflects the diversity of the members we serve.

  • Which programs will be affected by this change?

    The Health First Colorado name and logo will only directly replace the name “Colorado Medicaid.” Other programs managed by the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing, including Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) and the Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP), and public assistance programs managed by other state health agencies, will not be affected by this change.

  • Why is Medicaid changing its name and look?

    Good health and access to affordable health care is the very foundation of a productive, engaged life. Medicaid provides that foundation for over a million people in Colorado and through the new name and logo, we are proudly conveying the critical importance of the services we and our partners provide.  The new name will also reduce confusion with “Medicare” and may reduce the stigma associated with the name Medicaid and public assistance.